If you are using a theme on, please post a topic in the relevant section on the Premium Theme Support Forums.

If you are using (or planning to use) one of our themes for self-hosted sites, please email us at [email protected] This includes StudioPress customers.

If you are using one of our free themes, please do not email our support email address and instead sign up to our Community Forums instead. Support is not guaranteed for free themes.

Before contacting us, look through our documentation articles to see if your issue has already been covered. And also familiarize yourself with our support policy.

Expect a response within one business day if you are a:

  1. Prospective customer with a pre-sales question
  2. An existing customer with a support request

If you are literally anyone else, do not email our support address.

Here are some examples of messages (all of which are variants of messages we’ve actually received through our support channel) that will be ignored:

  • Hi, I am a spammer and will pay you to riddle your themes with sponsored links.
  • Hi, I am a hacker and will pay you to riddle your themes with malware.
  • Hi, I am a WordPress theme marketplace owner and would like you to upload all your themes to my zero-traffic marketplace.
  • Hi, I am a spammer and will write a guest blog post for your blog. It’ll be super high-quality and spam-free, promise!

If it’s not a pre-sales question or support request and you’re not a spammer or hacker, contact us via Facebook message or tweet instead.

All premium theme support is handled through email. Free theme support may be provided on our Community Forums. If your premium theme request borders on customization, you may be asked to sign up to our Community Forums as well.

People seem to like our support anyway. 🙂