We offer all support via email.

If you’re an active license holder you may email [email protected] to get in touch directly with Themetry support staff.

You must use the same email as you purchased (i.e. when you registered for a Themetry account) from. This helps us make sure support resources are dedicated to active customers only.

If you’re a StudioPress customer, you should contact us from whatever email address you used to purchase the theme.

Scope of Support

Basically, we’ll support you with functionality as outlined in a theme’s respective setup guide and demo site.

This includes third-party plugins to the extent they interact with the theme, if we’ve explicitly stated they will work with the theme.

For example, if we advertise an integration with a contact form plugin, we will ensure it remains styled in the theme properly.

However, we cannot guarantee any third-party plugin, even if it is one we advertise some degree of compatibility with, performs any particular function to the full extent of your expectations.

For example, if you want a submission through a third-party contact form plugin to populate an off-site CRM app, and cannot figure out how to do that with or without one of our themes, that would be outside of our support scope.

Any sort of “theme customization” is outside of our scope of support. If in doubt, just ask. We’re always happy to clarify.

For example, let’s say you want to display a “search box” directly below the logo in one of our themes.

However, our theme demo site does not display a search box there, and all theme-specific literature published on our site does not advertise such a function.

That would be a customization request as the code of the theme would need to be modified to place the search box exactly where you want it.

A good rule of thumb is: if you don’t see a particular feature on the theme demo site or referenced in our documentation, it’s probably a customization request.

General WordPress support is not included in the scope of our support, and you are expected to have some basic familiarity with the WordPress platform.

“Basic familiarity” includes, but is not limited to, knowledge of how to install a WordPress theme.

We do not provide “theme installation” services as part of our support offering. We provide WordPress theme .zip files that can be installed like any other WordPress theme .zip file with the “Upload Theme” button.

If you’re new to WordPress, please consider practicing with a free WordPress theme from the official WordPress theme directory as they provide .zip downloads as well.

For your convenience, we do license a selection of WP101 videos in a private member’s area, which you are granted access to after purchase.

Outside of that, WPBeginner is considered to be a quality resource for learning the basics of WordPress.

Web performance optimization is outside the scope of our support, and you remain responsible for procuring an adequate hosting infrastructure to meet your site’s unique needs.

For example, let’s say your site is hosted on $5/mo hosting account. You use one of our themes, and run a high-traffic WooCommerce shop from the site as well.

Unfortunately, your server crashes due to the heavy load of the traffic to your online store.

Our support cannot be expected to somehow prevent your server from crashing as the same outcome would very likely continue to occur with any other WordPress theme.

Our support cannot be expected to provide advice in regard to minifying, concatenating, and otherwise optimizing your website and the static assets like images, CSS files, and JavaScript files loaded within.

We use WordPress-standard functions like wp_enqueue_scripts and wp_enqueue_styles to load CSS and JS files, for example, so any general WordPress performance advice should largely apply to sites that happen to use our themes.

In general, we ask you to be reasonable in your expectations and understand that it would not be commercially feasible to sell WordPress themes at such a low price, and include (to cite one example) bespoke web performance optimization consultation services at no additional charge.

Is the problem still there with another theme?

For example, two conflicting third-party plugins cause your comment forms to not allow any new comments to be published. When the theme is switched, the problem remains.

Before contacting us, make sure the issue is indeed theme-specific. A simple diagnostic is to switch themes, and if the problem remains, it’s not a theme-specific issue.

When we say switch themes, we refer to actually activating the theme and not using some sort of “preview” feature whether from WordPress core or a third-party plugin. This should be done on a staging environment so it won’t effect your production environment.

While we certainly understand the frustration in dealing with WordPress plugin conflicts, it is not commercially reasonable to expect us to help you debug such issues just because you happened to purchase a theme from us.

Customization Services

While sometimes we’re willing to handle customization requests for a fee, we are first and foremost a theme company and may not have the capacity to accommodate your request.

If you’re not familiar with coding, this means you may be responsible for seeking out a qualified developer on your own. We don’t have any recommended third-party developers at this time.

Support Response Time

Expect a response within one business day.