Support Policy

Unlike theme shops you may have purchased from before, we do not offer any sort of support forum. We think they’re just messy and disorganized.

Instead, we offer all support via email.

If you’re an active license holder (i.e purchased or renewed a theme license within the past year) you may email [email protected] to get in touch directly with Themetry support staff.

You must use the same email as you purchased (i.e. when you registered for a Themetry account) from. This helps us make sure support resources are dedicated to active customers only.

If you’re a StudioPress customer, you should contact us from whatever email address you used to purchase the theme.

Scope of Support

Basically, we’ll support you with functionality as outlined in a theme’s respective setup guide and demo site. This includes third-party plugins we’ve explicitly stated will work with the theme.

Any sort of “customization” is outside of our scope of support. If in doubt, just ask. We’re always happy to clarify.

A good rule of thumb is: if you don’t see it on our demo site or referenced in our documentation, it’s probably a customization request.

Is the problem still there with another theme?

Lately, we’ve been fielding support requests for issues that are not theme-related.

For example, two conflicting plugins cause your comment forms to not allow any new comments. When the theme is switched, the problem remains.

Before contacting us, make sure the issue is indeed theme-related. A simple diagnostic is to switch themes, and if the problem remains, it’s not a theme-specific issue.

We understand the frustration, but we really can’t help in these sorts of situations.

Customization Services

While sometimes we’re willing to handle customization requests for a fee, we are first and foremost a theme company and may not have the capacity to accommodate your request.

If you’re not familiar with coding, this means you may be responsible for seeking out a qualified developer on your own. We don’t have any “recommended” third-party developers at this time.

Support Hours

Expect a response within one business day.