Themetry is a WordPress theme shop founded in mid-2015 by Leland Fiegel and based in Washington, DC. Themetry aims to craft products that are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Delightfully intuitive
  • Thoroughly documented
  • Fanatically supported
  • 100% GPL licensed
  • Not overrun with nonsensical options
  • Strictly compliant with guidelines
  • Pretty much the exact opposite of typical ThemeForest dumpster fire themes

While Themetry often collaborates with other designers (you can find out who on individual theme pages), Leland is the only official employee at this time and handles all the development, support, and marketing.

About Leland

Leland speaking at WordPress DC
Leland speaking at WordPress DC. You can find clearer pictures of him hidden in theme demos ?.

This is not Leland’s first foray into the world of WordPress theming. Back in 2007, he started a theme site called Theme Lab, which quickly snowballed into one of the most popular theme sites on the internet.

As a trusted source for free WordPress themes and tutorials, its claim to SEO fame was once holding a top-three ranking for the highly-coveted keyword phrase of “WordPress themes” in Google.

After six years, Leland sold the website, but couldn’t quite shake his passion for making and writing about WordPress themes, so he started Themetry to keep it going.

Besides writing tutorials and making WordPress themes, Leland’s hobbies include:

  • Talking trash about ThemeForest. Check out their non-exclusive author rates for goodness’ sake!
  • Playing basketball. Fun fact: he was once named the MVP of his high school basketball team. His career unfortunately did not extend into collegiate or professional play.
  • Playing video games. But only in campaign mode because he always gets pwned online. And usually several years after the game is released.
  • Expertly avoiding spoilers for TV shows and movies. Because he usually waits several years to watch those too.
  • Coming up with terrible business ideas. For example: a pizza/pasta/burger/burrito restaurant called Gluten City. Ask him about his other terrible business ideas if you see him at a WordCamp after-party.

He also feels very uncomfortable writing about himself in the third-person and is known to make jokes about being the only person on the Themetry “executive team” on the company Twitter account.

In addition to Themetry, Leland spends his time running co-organizing the WordPress DC meetup.