We’ve just updated the Bari theme to version 1.1.0. The update includes a couple bug fixes and a number of enhancements.

Bug Fixes

Removed pesky screenshot.png

While there was an accurate screenshot.jpg file included in the theme, a blank screenshot.png was also there (a remnant from the Underscores theme) and was taking precedence.

We intended to use the .jpg because it was a little better optimized for the photos included in the screenshot. With screenshot.png out of the picture (get it?), you can now see the screenshot in the Themes administration screen.

Prevent Masonry height from applying when not in use

File this under edge cases that probably would’ve never actually occurred in real life, but…

We fixed a small bug that would cause the Masonry height to persist on the blog homepage if the Featured Content div was removed from the DOM.

Fix comment pagination

If you break your comments up into pages, you would’ve had a problem if you reached the pagination threshold.

Comment pagination was totally broken. You actually wouldn’t have even been able to click on the top “Older Comments” link, because a see-through div was positioned on top of it.

Fortunately, the few people using the Bari theme didn’t seem to notice. And after they one-click update Bari, they never will!

This is a bug that could plausibly cause a real problem on the front-end, unlike the previous two bugs (screenshot being all in the backend, Masonry wouldn’t be instantiated when unneeded on a fresh page load).


Hover effects for previous/next posts links

Button styles include a cool box shadow hover effect, which can be seen when hovering over the “Load More” button on the blog homepage.

However, when Infinite Scroll isn’t active, plain old previous/next posts links appear.

We thought it would be nice to apply the same hover effect for them too.

Flexible Footer Widgets

We jumped the gun when we described the Bari theme as supporting Flexible Footer Widgets at launch. They actually didn’t.

But now it looks great whether you have one or two columns of footer widget areas active. Instead of forcing you to fill out all three, or none at all.

Rename “Primary” menu to “Slide Out” menu

The menu ID remains unchanged, so you won’t have to set the location again.

We just wanted to change the menu location name to better reflect where exactly it was: in the slide out drawer.

Editor Stylesheet

An Editor stylesheet is now included in the Bari theme.

The Visual Editor will now more accurately reflect what the content will look like published on your site.

RTL Stylesheet

Bari now features full RTL language support.

Right down to the blockquote quotes, aforementioned button hovers, and Masonry column offset.

Everything is a perfect mirror.

Customizer Controls

If you’d like to customize the heading text for Featured Content and/or More Posts text, now you can with some handy Customizer controls.

While “featured” and “More Posts” will remain the defaults, you can now change them to whatever you’d like.

Maybe “More Photos” would make a little more sense, on a photoblog? Up to you.

We don’t constrain the text width in any way at this time, so try to avoid using text that’s too long here, otherwise it’ll probably look bad.

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