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About Themetry

Leland Fiegel on the National Mall
Leland on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Themetry is a DC-based WordPress theme development shop created by Leland Fiegel, in business since 2015.

Themetry is a portmanteau of the word “theme” and the suffix “metry,” which represents the precision and focus we bring to every project.

Check out our GitHub for free example child themes and other goodies. Or check out our themes for sale on WordPress.com.

All WordPress themes and plugins we release are licensed 100% GPL, just like WordPress itself. šŸ™‚

What people say

Your suggestion works perfectly. Iā€™m done with my issues, many thanks again for your kind and prompt supports!

hajanuary on November 4, 2020

YAY!!!! Thanks so much Leland ā€“ very grateful for your help and attention.

raeofhopeproductions on October 17, 2020

“Thank you #themetry. Great #themes and phantastic service!”

Christoph on August 30, 2020

“Thanks so much for getting back to me so speedily ā€“ this additional CSS has worked a treat and now the title looks great on my phone.”

Naomi on August 10, 2020

“For some reason it never occurred to me to click the Xā€™s on the font menu. That fixes the caterpillars ā€” and brings back your very nice font combination, which Iā€™m inclined to keep. Thanks for your help, Leland!”

davidbrittan on July 23, 2020

“Thank you for your quick responses and answers on other topics in the forum. Iā€™m just starting to learn CSS and the information has been helpful.”

healthygirlhaven on April 23, 2020

“If you’re looking for beautifully-designed themes designed for specific purposes, Themetry is a great place to start. Themetry believes in decisions over options and strive for intuitive experiences […]”

“@themebeans and @ThemetryHQ are our two favorite shops”

WP Buffs on November 16, 2017

“Massive ups to @ThemetryHQ for such quick and great customer support!”

Girl's Guide to Music on July 31, 2016