Removing footer credits in WordPress themes

In this quick tutorial, we’ll go over how to make a simple child theme to override a WordPress theme’s footer.php file.

Avoiding inline CSS at all costs

Whether it’s through a WordPress theme option or a JavaScript function, front-end developers occasionally have to implement dynamic CSS code to a page.

Centering things without the deprecated <center> tag

This explainer post will briefly cover why the <center> tag is deprecated, along with two basic (and semantic) CSS techniques you can use to center things horizontally.

Handling freemium theme upsells with grace

As a freemium theme author, you have several methods of delivering paid functionality to your users. Some methods are more convenient for the developer at the expense of the user, and vice versa.

Arguing that theme updates should not induce panic attacks

Sounds like a pretty reasonable expectation, but when it comes to WordPress themes that include everything but the kitchen sink, that’s not always the case.

Remembering what it’s like to be a beginner

Instead of making fun of a customer or client’s seemingly basic questions, remember what it’s like to be a beginner and respond with empathy.

Adding Snapchat to your WordPress social menus

Learn how to add Snapchat to your WordPress social menus in the most efficient manner, and about why you may not want to. We’ll use Owari as an example.

Providing flexible footer widgets in WordPress

Learn how to automatically adjust footer widget column widths, based on widget area usage. Give your WordPress theme users more flexibility with fewer options.

Adjusting column layouts based on widget area usage

This tutorial will cover how WordPress themes can automatically adjust from a two column layout to a one column layout based on whether or not the sidebar widget area is used.

How to make a RTL stylesheet

Knowing how to make right-to-left stylesheets is a valuable skill for any WordPress themer who cares about internationalizaiton. Learn more about them in this tutorial.

Hiding content behind hovers

Having content revealed on hover is a pretty common practice on websites these days. Despite the popularity, you shouldn’t do it. Learn about how hiding content behind hovers harms accessibility and usability on your sites.

Cropping images with nothing but CSS

This tutorial will go over how to “crop” images on websites with nothing more than a simple CSS technique. It may not be something you’ll ever need to use, but it might come in handy some day.