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Frequently Asked Questions

All of this, for free? What's the catch?

There isn't one!

We hope that by providing free high-quality WordPress themes, and access to our free community, you consider our paid offerings, and recommend them to your friends.

This isn't enough free stuff. Any other benefits?

Tough crowd!

Okay, since you asked, after signing up to a free membership, you get an 10% discount from any purchase in our theme shop.

The discount will be automatically reflected in your cart, just as long as you're logged in first.

Who even are you?

My name is Leland Fiegel. I've been making WordPress themes since 2007 (almost a decade, time flies!).

In addition to my Themetry-related duties, I run a a general WordPress community forum called WP Chat. I also co-organize the WordPress DC meetup group, along with WordCamp DC.

You can read more about me on the about page.

Why don't you have a Slack?

I am aware that Slack is a popular choice to discuss things, however, I prefer Discourse for a few reasons.

Slack has a free option, although it caps message history at 10,000. This means means old, but valuable conversations could be lost without paying $8/user.

Since this is a free offering, paying a per user fee wouldn't be sustainable.

Discourse on the other hand, is free and open-source software (just like WordPress), and cheap to run. All past messages are easily searchable.

I run it on my other site, WP Chat, and everyone seems to like it! Give it a chance, and I am sure you will like it too.

Why are your themes not on WordPress.org?

We want to be able to publish themes as soon as they're ready.

At this time, a WordPress.org theme review takes at least a few months. There is also a "one theme per author in the review queue at a time" rule in place.

At that pace, I would have to wait years to release all the free themes I would like to on WordPress.org.

For now, I have decided to release my free themes solely through my own website.

Rest assured, the themes are safe to use, and subject to the same strict standards we use for our premium themes.

How do you offer one-click updates outside of WP.org?

We also run our own update server, to ensure you have easy one-click update ability to the latest version of our free themes. You can make one too.