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High-end, on-demand WordPress theme developer We help you navigate the ups and downs of the web design business without long term commitments.

  1. Give us the complete design mockups in PSD format.
  2. We'll deliver a set of complete WordPress theme files.

You receive a qualified lead for a new project, but your development team is swamped. Should you:

  • Make the client wait until your team is no longer busy.
  • Turn down the project and let the lead fall right into a competitor's lap.
  • Offload development work to Themetry. Keep the client happy and away from competitors.

Why work with us?

Mathematical Precision to Detail

This means we’ll pay close to typography and spacing, and keep them proportional on responsive widths. We’ll also point out any missing WordPress theme elements and provide an opportunity for your designer to account for them, should you choose. Many WordPress “business” sites don’t have blog functionality, for example. In this case, it would be okay to leave out designs for blog pagination and comments.

Leland Fiegel

Lead Developer

Know who is developing your project

The typical “PSD to WordPress” operator will assign some mysterious contractor to build your project, pay them peanuts for questionable work, and keep all the profits for themselves. Pretty sweet business model. For them. Not for you, or the inexperienced contractors they employ. With Themetry, you know your project is in good hands, being built by a proven WordPress developer.

Built, the WordPress Way

Themetry-built themes closely follow the official WordPress theme development guidelines, ensuring high-quality code, rock-solid security, and content portability. We also take advantage of core WordPress APIs first. For example, we’ve seen custom themes that “roll their own” custom background and header features, even though there are core WordPress features that do literally the exact same thing.

Common Concerns

Do you need a PSD? What if I have another file format?
While we prefer PSDs, we can probably work with another file format. We can discuss prior to starting your project.
Can you finish what another developer started?

In our experience, we find it’s usually quicker to start from scratch, rather than waste time drudging through what another developer did.

Do you deliver HTML files along with the WordPress theme files?

No. When we develop, there is no intermediary “HTML” step. We use a starter theme to jump directly into WordPress coding.

If you really need HTML files for some reason, simply open the page in your browser of choice and click File → Save Page As.

I'm a lone designer. Will you still work with me?

Absolutely! We just wrote this page targeting web design agencies, but if you’re a freelance designer, that’s totally fine too.

Do you need responsive mockups?

They would be nice, but we generally do a good job of improvising how designs can break down as device widths get narrower.

If we see any problems in your mockups that would pose a challenge to future responsiveness, we’ll let you know before beginning work.

Does it matter if I plan on releasing the theme to the public?

Yes. This service is intended for one-off sites. We ask you to inform us if you plan to release the WordPress theme to the public, as it can affect the way we develop things, and will likely increase the price.

Do you provide custom design services as well?

Yes. Please get in touch if you're interested in Themetry designing and developing your next custom WordPress site.

Can we claim your development work as our own?

No. Don't think of Themetry as an outsourcing service. Think of us as your development partner.

If you hire us for a project, we reserve the right to place it in our coding portfolio, giving you design credit if applicable.

We also may write about a specific coding technique we discovered while working on your project in the form of a tutorial.

Ready to start?

Please save flattened previews to services like Google Drive or Dropbox, then share the link with us.

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