Displaying post order number in archives

Learn how to get a count of published posts, then count backwards to display the post order number automatically. We’ll use a podcast post type and display an episode number as a use case.

Cache-busting enqueued scripts and styles in WordPress

Have you ever made a change to a CSS or JavaScript file on a client’s website, but your client reports they can’t see the changes? Sounds like you need to learn how to cache-bust.

Preventing unwanted theme updates from WordPress.org

If your theme happens to have the same slug and lower version number as one hosted on WordPress.org, you risk unwanted updates.

Displaying a category list as your wp_nav_menu fallback

A simple way to leverage wp_list_categories for use as a wp_nav_menu fallback, without reinventing the wheel.

Preventing output of empty entry footer markup

WordPress themes typically include the following information in a post’s entry footer: categories, tags, and an edit link. But what if this post is published on a non-categorized blog, has no tags, and the user looking at it does not have permission to edit the post?

Hiding toggle buttons when associated menus are empty

It might seem obvious, but many themes don’t do it. Making sure buttons that toggle empty things are hidden is a quick win to improve theme user experience.

Running your own WordPress theme and plugin update server

Learn how to make an update server for WordPress themes and plugins hosted outside of WordPress.org.

Leveraging the core “Display Site Title and Tagline” Customizer option with Site Logo

You may have noticed the “Display Site Title and Tagline” Customizer option in Underscores, but that’s only tied to Custom Headers. We’ll cover how to do the same thing with Site Logos too.

Outlining the two files every WordPress theme needs

WordPress only needs two files to run a theme. Find out more about them in the first part of our “Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch” series.

Implementing random body classes with JavaScript

This tutorial will cover how to add a body class containing a random number from 1 to a maximum integer of your choice, which you can utilize for differing styles on every page load.

Displaying page-specific header images in the Beautiful Pro theme

This tutorial will cover how to customize header images on a per-page basis with custom CSS in the Beautiful Pro theme by StudioPress.

Developing WordPress sites locally with AMPPS

This tutorial will walk you through how to set up a local WordPress installation with AMPPS, a software package for Windows, Mac, and Linux.