Milan Pro 1.1.0 Theme Update

This update adds Jetpack Featured Content functionality, and also fixes a Masonry bug that could be seen on archive pages with featured images (which they probably do).

Spatial 1.1.0 Theme Update

Spatial 1.1.0 fixes a couple critical bugs and adds several enhancements. Also, a bunch of translation files for new languages are included.

Novara 1.1.0 Theme Update

We just released an update to our Novara theme.

It fixes a bug, and adds several enhancements like RTL stylesheet, an editor stylesheet, and support for Jetpack’s Content Options module.

Bari 1.1.0 Theme Update

Version 1.1.0 of Bari, a WordPress photography theme, includes several bug fixes and enhancements. RTL and editor styles now included!