Devising unique names for WordPress themes

One of the biggest “pain points” I have when starting work on a publicly released WordPress theme is coming up with a suitable name. In this “tutorial,” we walk through some ideas on naming them.

Describing the rare instances it’s okay to use !important

While using !important is generally discouraged server-side, there are a few instances in which it would be acceptable.

Cascading as high as possible for ultimate flexibility

Remember that the “C” in “CSS” stands for “cascading.” We’ll cover a basic theory for maximum front-end flexibility.

Realizing not every theme needs a layout editor

PixelGrade, a premium theme shop, has raised eyebrows by increasing the price of one of their themes to $225. But I’m not quite going to be talking about that today.

Avoiding inline CSS at all costs

Whether it’s through a WordPress theme option or a JavaScript function, front-end developers occasionally have to implement dynamic CSS code to a page.

Handling freemium theme upsells with grace

As a freemium theme author, you have several methods of delivering paid functionality to your users. Some methods are more convenient for the developer at the expense of the user, and vice versa.

Arguing that theme updates should not induce panic attacks

Sounds like a pretty reasonable expectation, but when it comes to WordPress themes that include everything but the kitchen sink, that’s not always the case.

Remembering what it’s like to be a beginner

Instead of making fun of a customer or client’s seemingly basic questions, remember what it’s like to be a beginner and respond with empathy.

Hiding content behind hovers

Having content revealed on hover is a pretty common practice on websites these days. Despite the popularity, you shouldn’t do it. Learn about how hiding content behind hovers harms accessibility and usability on your sites.

Building themes “from scratch” is a waste of time

There, we said it. Use a starter theme or framework. Not just for your sake, but your users’ sake as well. In this opinion piece, Leland explains why.