Coding a scrolling news ticker with pure CSS and no custom markup

Learn how to code a scrolling news ticker with nothing more than the core Recent Posts widget, and a touch of CSS.

Building themes “from scratch” is a waste of time

There, we said it. Use a starter theme or framework. Not just for your sake, but your users’ sake as well. In this opinion piece, Leland explains why.

Customizing Arroyo’s accent color

This guide will show you how to customize the Arroyo accent color from blue to red, and includes a free example child theme to demonstrate.

Ensuring cross-browser square-dotted borders

Different browsers display CSS dotted borders differently. We’ll show you how to make sure they display in a uniform way no matter the browser.

Styling buttons with dislodged borders

Learn how to achieve a “dislodged border” effect in CSS to give your buttons and other website elements an interesting touch.

Providing accessible SVG social menus in WordPress

This tutorial will cover some advantages of SVGs in terms of aesthetics and accessibility, and detail a method on how to use them to make a social links menu.

Customizing Adaline’s accent color

Adaline is a very yellow theme. In this tutorial, we’ll create an Adaline child theme to change the accent color to pink.