Implementing random body classes with JavaScript

This tutorial will cover how to add a body class containing a random number from 1 to a maximum integer of your choice, which you can utilize for differing styles on every page load.

Displaying page-specific header images in the Beautiful Pro theme

This tutorial will cover how to customize header images on a per-page basis with custom CSS in the Beautiful Pro theme by StudioPress.

Developing WordPress sites locally with AMPPS

This tutorial will walk you through how to set up a local WordPress installation with AMPPS, a software package for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Realizing performance goes far beyond themes

The WordPress theme you choose is certainly a critical component of your web performance stack. But it’s far from the only thing performance-minded website operators should be paying attention to.

Bari 1.1.0 Theme Update

Version 1.1.0 of Bari, a WordPress photography theme, includes several bug fixes and enhancements. RTL and editor styles now included!

Devising unique names for WordPress themes

One of the biggest “pain points” I have when starting work on a publicly released WordPress theme is coming up with a suitable name. In this “tutorial,” we walk through some ideas on naming them.

Describing the rare instances it’s okay to use !important

While using !important is generally discouraged server-side, there are a few instances in which it would be acceptable.

Cascading as high as possible for ultimate flexibility

Remember that the “C” in “CSS” stands for “cascading.” We’ll cover a basic theory for maximum front-end flexibility.

2016 Year In Review

By this time last year, I had given notice for my last “real” job, finally making the decision to take the plunge into full-time entrepreneurship.

This post is a look back on the past year of Themetry being in business, including reflections on self-employment and the WordPress theme industry.

Realizing not every theme needs a layout editor

PixelGrade, a premium theme shop, has raised eyebrows by increasing the price of one of their themes to $225. But I’m not quite going to be talking about that today.

Diagnosing high CPU load complaints from your web host

When your web host complains about high CPU load on your WordPress site, here’s what to do.

Interviewing Sami Keijonen of Foxland

I’m excited to publish this interview with Sami Keijonen, the WordPress themer behind Foxland. Includes valuable insights on accessibility and the WordPress theme business.